Summer Self Storage Tips: Making the Most of Your Space

Published on 4/30/2024

Summer Self Storage Tips: Making the Most of Your Space


As the warmth of summer inches closer, it's time to say goodbye to the chill of winter and embrace the sun-drenched adventures awaiting us. But what about all those bulky winter items cluttering our homes? Fear not! Self-storage is the key to unlocking a seamless transition from winter to summer, allowing you to effortlessly swap out your seasonal gear and dive headfirst into the joys of summer.

Whether you have a storage unit already, have thought about renting one, or will need one soon, Storage Near Me is here to help. We offer easy and affordable storage solutions in a wide range of sizes to accommodate most needs.

Things to bring home from storage:

  • Summer Sports Gear
  • Outdoor Adventure Equipment
  • Grill and BBQ Equipment
  • Lawn and Garden Tools
  • Patio Furniture, Hammocks and Umbrellas
  • Pool Toys and Lounge Furniture
  • Personal Watercraft and Boats
  • Recreational Vehicles and Side by Sides
  • Bicycles and Motorcycles

Here are a few tips to remember when taking stored items out of your storage unit:

  1. Bring additional rope, bungee cords and tie-down straps to secure loads in pickup truck beds, vans or trailers.
  2. Bring a tire pressure gauge and an air compressor in case any vehicle tires have gone flat or lost air pressure.
  3. Bring an extra gallon of fuel for vehicles that need to be driven away, such as an RV or motorcycle.
  4. Make sure there’s space reserved at home for anything coming home!

Summer Self Storage: Store your winter items until you need them

Don’t forget to use your self-storage unit year-round. Whatever comes out of a storage unit can swap places with something going into a storage unit.

Things to put into storage:

  • Bulky Winter Clothing
  • Ski Gear and Snowshoes
  • Snow Shovels
  • Snowmobiles
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Storm Windows
  • Anything Cluttering up the House

Here are a few tips to remember for items you might be moving into storage:

  1. When storing winter items, remember to make sure they are completely dry before putting them in a box or tote.
  2. Compress bulky items to save space while storing.
  3. Remove fuel from engines.
  4. Use a trash barrel to store tall items, such as snow shovels and ski poles, so they don’t fall over.

Whether you spent winter and spring bundling up and braving the cold or hibernating and waiting for warm weather, there’s no denying that summer’s finally here. So, as you transition between seasons, use your summer self storage unit wisely to get maximum return on your storage space.

Remember, self-storage is all about convenience and peace of mind. By following these storage tips, you’ll ensure that your belongings remain safe, accessible, and ready for your next adventure.